Social Media with a Fitness Theme

World-first online fitness-themed social network, enhanced multiplayer engagement with Live Motion Matching
Join or create your own Studio, connect and network with others to expand your online fitness community.

Promote and manage your own workout channel in Studio and share your training knowledge with your fans!
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Live Streaming x
Live Motion Matching

Streamed Physical Analytics & Data + Instant Feedback
Wondercise’s Live Motion Matching gives instant feedback and live scores for your every move.

Go up against the world and climb up the ranks.

Live Leaderboard

Complete your training, challenge your limits.

Live performance scores are displayed in the leaderboard of every Studio session.

Know where you stand, compete with others, Move and Improve together.
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Track and Follow

It’s not just about getting fit.
Meet other Wondercisers around the world, follow and interact with each other.

Take your world of fitness to a global scale and make new friends along the way!

Live Motion Matching

Live scores and heart rate
The Wondercise Tracker Band is the world’s first tracked training system that can analyze and compare your movements to the trainer’s as you train.
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Multiple Connections with Smart Wearables

Enhance your workout experience with supported wearables and training devices.

・bring Live Motion Matching to a new level of accuracy and
precision with Multi-Point Motion Matching system
・training and battle mode available for 2 players, with supported wearables
・Supports Apple Watch, Garmin, Timeless Smartwatches

Hundreds of Training Courses

Original classes updated monthly: select courses and switch up your playlist anytime with unlimited streaming. Customize your own fitness plan with courses led by world-class professionals.
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World-class Professional Trainers

A fitness app that has it all, without the price tag.
每天不到6元 無限次上教練課

No contracts,
no subscriptions.

Download the app for free and begin your Wondercise journey today.

Hollywood Standard Production

Professional Production Team x Live Motion Matching
Comparable data and analytics for Live Motion Matching are all retrieved during production in our Miami-based studio. Top-of-the-line equipment and set-up, combined with our team of photography professionals, deliver high-quality content made exclusively for Wondercise.

The studio is also a popular filming location for global celebrities, such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Magic Johnson, Vin Diesel, Pitbull, and more.
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Where fitness meets technology: a perfect marriage.

All eyes on Wondericse.
Wondercise’s breakthrough innovation has been recognized on a global stage and was awarded with iF Design Award 2021, Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2021, CES 2022 Innovation Awards, and Taiwan Excellence Award 2022.
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CES Official Finalist of Best of CES 2021 award, by Engadget

Wondercise was announced a finalist in two categories:
・Best Digital Health and Fitness Product
・Best Sports Tech

・awarded Best of CES 2021 by 5 other major international media
・“Wondercise challenges Apple Fitness Plus with motion tracking — and cheaper price,” praised by Tom’s Guide, an authority of tech media
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Move and Improve

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Wondercise App

The results in 8 weeks are astonishing!

Change starts from the moment you make the decision!

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Tracker Band + Training Courses

Wondercise Tracker Band + 1 year VIP membership

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Training Courses

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Tracker Band

Wondercise Tracker Band

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