【Notice】Starting from Sep 1st, 2020, you will have to use your “mobile phone number” to register and log in.

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Date of Announcement:07/27/2020

Thank you for your continuous support for Wondercise. Recently we are going to implement new policies related to your Wondercise account. Further information are as below:

・We would like to ask you to only use your “mobile phone number” for registration and login. The email login method will be terminated soon.

In order to more effectively protect the security of your personal data and provide better user experience, we will change our login method to only using “mobile phone number” for registration and login, and will terminate the use of email login from Sep 1st, 2020.

If you are currently using your email account to log in, you can still log in during this period. Since this login method is about to terminate, please set up your “mobile phone number” as soon as possible.

* If you are a user who has already subscribed but cannot complete the registration of your mobile phone number, please don’t worry. We will assist you in setting up your mobile phone number before terminating the email login service.

How to set up your mobile phone number

❶ Go to “My Account” and click “Account and Security”.

1帳戶 en

❷ Click “Set” next to mobile number.

2帳號與安全 未驗證手機 en

❸ Enter the phone number you want to use to register, and tap “Get Verification Code”.

3驗證手機 en

❹ Enter the 4-digit verification code that you receive, and tap “Next” to complete the mobile number verification.

4輸入驗證碼 en

❺ When your mobile phone number is correctly displayed, the registration is completed.

5帳號與安全 已驗證手機 en