Wondercise To Unveil World’s First Multi-Point Motion Match Fitness Training System at CES 2021

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Upper and Lower Body Measurement delivers precise heart-rate and calorie monitoring

  • Wondercise unveils world’s first Live Motion Match System
  • Wristband and leg strap combine to deliver more precise fitness results
  • Designed for cardio, resistance and weight exercise accuracy – whatever the fitness goal
  • Three-point accuracy when paired with Apple Watch, Garmin or Wondercise wearables
  • Wondercise pioneered on-screen workout metrics tracked by a wearable
  • Its service predates Apple’s newly announced Fitness+ by two years 
  • Live, on-screen score generated by user movements mirrored with those of a trainer

Taipei, 17 January 2021. Wondercise, the fitness technology pioneer, will unveil the world’s first Multi-Point Motion Match personal training system at CES 2021.

Traditional smart wristbands and watches can’t tell the difference between a squat and lunge, let alone if it’s the right or left leg that leads. With Wondercise’s new Multi-Point System, leg strap and wristband sensors work together to deliver more accurate results via Bluetooth 5.0 to an AI engine and slick app experience on a mobile device or smart TV.

Live Motion Match enables users to maintain a focus on form, mirror trainers’ movements, and maximize workout results. For the first time, upper and lower body IMU sensors record heart rate, cardio burn and compare personal movements to a professional trainer, who may be in the room, remote via a video stream or pre-recorded.

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For novices and everyday fitness lovers, the new system ensures they achieve perfection in their exercise more rapidly, which delivers fitness goals faster.

Third Party Wearable Compatibility

For even greater accuracy, three-point measurement and 2.5 times faster data sampling is possible when paired with Apple Watch, Garmin Wearable or the second generation Wondercise Band, due for release in early Q2 2021.

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Wondercise Motion Match

Wondercise offers unlimited access to over 300 classes with sessions from trainers, including MMA champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, fitness influencer Adam Frater, and experts across a huge range of disciplines. These include Resistance Band Training, Hip Hop Dance, Kettlebell Crush, Tai Chi, Yoga and more.

Thanks to its pioneering Motion Match technology, Wondercise brings the personal touch of taught classes to living rooms and gyms around the world.

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A Wonder Core company

Wondercise is built upon years of international insights into health and fitness; with its award-winning parent company, Wonder Core having achieved global acclaim with over 10 million products sold.

Eric Chuang, Wondercise CEO, comments: “With a dramatic reduction in gym attendance and an increase in time spent at home, it is vital for everyone to have easy access to affordable and effective fitness. But getting an exercise right is hard, that’s why Wondercise’s created Multi-Pulse Motion Match technology, which helps users achieve the right form when compared with their trainer or teacher, and record more precise results.”

What’s in the box and How Much?

A two-in-one wireless charger can simultaneously power the bands for up to seven days.

The Wondercise Multi-Pulse System ships with two trackers, a wristband and a leg strap made from soft, breathable nylon. The on sale date is TBC but expected in late Q1 2021, with retailers and MSP revealed in due course.

About Wondercise

Wondercise is built upon years of international insights into health and fitness, with its award-winning parent company, Wonder Core, having achieved global acclaim with over ten million products sold.

Established in 2015 by Wonder Core, Wondercise is a smart technology and fitness equipment brand that aims to improve personal sports performance by providing a complete fitness experience for all.

The company’s smart fitness products, which began with the Wonder Core Smart, now include the Wondercise app and the world’s first training Live Motion Match system to support Apple Watch and Garmin wearables. The Wondercise app encourages consumers to integrate exercise into their daily lives, change their habits, and pursue a healthier lifestyle with tailored training.

Wonder Core is an award-winning brand that has sold more than ten million products worldwide. Wondercise’s international fitness team includes world-class athletes, including four-time MMA champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, fitness influencer Adam Frater, and experts across a huge range of disciplines – from Band Training to Hip Hop Dance, Kettlebell Crush, Tai Chi, and more; creating diversified training of all levels, from beginners to enthusiasts.

The Wondercise service is billed annually at $35.99 or monthly at $4.99.

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