Building an Ecosystem Together: Wondercise and Partners Leading Upcoming Fitness Industry Revolution

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In October 2020, Wondercise, the advanced smart fitness service, launched globally with Apple Watch and Garmin wearable support. Featuring world-first Motion Matching technology complete with on-screen heart rate data, it analyzes your movements and compares them with those of an on-screen trainer in real-time. The founder of Wondercise, Eric Chuang believes the formula of fitness, big data, and the power of AI technology will create huge opportunities for new business models, including preventive medicine and medical insurance evaluation. That being said, it is definitely the next trillion dollar industry in the coming. Hence, Wondercise is looking to cooperate with partners in the related fields, hoping to further develop the European and American markets and accelerate the achievement of its short-term goal of half a million subscribers.

Founded by Wonder Core, a fitness equipment manufacturer, that has sold more than 10 million products, to over 80 countries including Japan, USA, UK, China, Korea and more. It’s subsidiary, Wondercise is dedicated to become the pioneer and leader of Home Fitness. More and more businesses are entering this market. The launch of Apple Fitness+ is another indicator of the huge potential in this segment , service claims as Apple’s highest revenue growth is expected to reach 500 billion USD in 2020. However, in a very competitive industry, Wondercise is built upon years of international insights into health and fitness, and the service allows users to access unlimited on-demand training courses at an affordable price, with special sessions from trainers to help users achieve their work goals. Nonetheless, Wondercise and Wonder Core managed to obtain over 208 patents and created many best selling products designed for indoor fitness. In which these products contain our patented algorithms developed by our IT Team including the followings: 

  • Coach Motion Modeling: identifies how closely your movements match those of the on-screen trainer. 
  • User Motion Evaluations: define force, movement, attitude in the Motion Evaluation.

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The combination of technology and fitness is the next irreversible trend, just like the paradigm shift of feature phones to smartphones. Wondercise’s primary expertise: Motion Matching Technology, Netflix-like streaming service and AI recommended courses brings more possibilities to intelligent fitness. We believe the fitness app market is ongoingly expanding, and we are dedicated to become the leaders in this Fitness technology revolution. 

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