Wondercise brings another one home: Red Dot Award’s Best of the Best 2021

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Wondercise, a Taiwan-based company, is on a winning streak by bringing home yet another international design award, right after the prestigious iF Design Award 2021

The Wondercise Fitness App, a winner of Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award 2021

As final announcements and mentions of the Red Dot Award rolled out during Spring this year, we were hit with a great, big surprise. As most know, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the most recognized global design awards, and to be awarded Red Dot’s Best of the Best means the winning submission really is the crème de la crème.

Germany’s Red Dot Design Award has been around for over 60 years, showcasing and encouraging designers across a wide range of disciplines to get out of the box and let their creativity run free. The panel of international judges must make unanimous decisions from the pool of Red Dot Award winners and pick out the Best of the Best from these nominations. This year, there were 4,110 submissions from over 49 countries, with only 61 submissions awarded with the Best of the Best Award 2021. At a winning rate of 1.48%, Wondercise proudly brings the award and honor home to Taiwan.

As the cherry on top, the Wondercise app was also prized with Red Dot’s Luminary Award, which is given to the highest level of recognition of the Design Concept category. It is selected among the Best of the Best winners and serves as an inspiration for all.


The Wondercise Fitness App connects people around the world in a virtual fitness network with a system that tracks, analyzes, and ranks users’ every move to result in effective physical training without the restrictions of affordability, time, and space.
Wondercise provides professional training content and an online community that networks fitness novices and experts across the globe to interact and share experiences to encourage and motivate each other.

Supported on Apple and Garmin Watches, users can enable Live Motion Matching by connecting to the app and get live readings on heart rate and performance scores. Scores are displayed on live leaderboards, enhancing competitiveness and overall training efficacy with key measure stats. This helps users stay on track of progress and be aware of physical conditions to lower risks of injury. With over 400 fitness courses, the experience is similar to that of at-gym classes.


To promote fitness continuity and motivation, the strong social elements bring interactive and responsive methodologies into Wondercise’s services. This creates and increases senses of ‘want’ (competition, staying connected) and ‘need’ (health indicators, guidance, analyses to maximize training efforts). By digitizing fitness for all levels of workout intensity and capacity, Wondercise is also a base for integrating fitness technology with users’ lifestyles and can be tried for various wellness & healthcare applications, assisting in the betterment of life and longevity.

About Red Dot Design Award

Established in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is a German international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG. with three prize categories: product design, brands and communication design, and design concept. This world-renowned German award is considered one of the most prominent in the design sector. Introduced by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, every year, award winners are selected from more than 10,000 contestants from over 50 countries.