Wondercise launched a world’s first at CES 2021, challenging Apple Fitness+ with advanced motion tracking tech

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Wondercise stole the spotlight with first-ever Live Multi-Point Motion Matching System at CES 2021

Wondercise, with the world’s first Live Motion Matching technology, drew worldwide attention at CES 2021 and hit between the eyes of international media. “Wondercise challenges Apple Fitness Plus with motion tracking — and cheaper price,” praised by Tom’s Guide, an authority of tech media.

Wondercise was nominated for two Best of CES 2021 awards categories by CES and Engadget officials: Best Digital Health and Fitness Product, and Best Sports Tech. Standing out from other CES exhibitors, Wondercise attracted the attention of more than five major media, including Tom’s Guide, T3, Gadgets and Wearables, Women’s Health, Gear Patrol, etc. Wondercise joined Samsung, LG, SONY, and other international manufacturers as Best of CES 2021 finalists selected by CES and Engadget.

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Kate Kozuch, editor of Tom’s Guide, the well-known high-tech product info website with over 10 million new visitors every month, reported Wondercise’s Live Multi-Point Motion Match Fitness Training System as having the potential to battle Apple Fitness Plus, launched in September 2020. “The company’s new motion-tracking sensors that can gauge detect arm and leg movements while working out are too interesting to ignore,” said the editor, “It’s the big-kid’s version of Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure.”

In addition, there are two more factors Wondercise has that make Tom’s Guide think it runs neck and neck with Apple Fitness Plus: first, it offers compatibility with Apple Watch and Garmin activity trackers, with more partnerships in the pipeline. Second, it is affordable compared to services like the Peloton App and Fitbit Premium as well.

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The increasingly saturated fitness service market has made it difficult for new fit-tech companies to get attention. Still, Wondercise struck the CES with its innovative technology and received great success. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that traditional smart wristbands and watches can’t tell the difference between a squat and lunge, but with Wondercise’s new Multi-Point Motion Tracking System, leg strap and wristband sensors work together to deliver more accurate results via Bluetooth 5.0 to an AI engine and slick app experience on a mobile device or smart TV.

Wondercise’s Live Motion Matching system enables users to focus on form, mirror trainers’ movements, and maximize workout results. For the first time, upper and lower body IMU sensors record heart rate, cardio burn and compare personal movements to a professional trainer, who may be in the room, remote via a video stream, or pre-recorded.

Wondercise has planned to launch multiple services to support more devices and applications in 2021, continually upgrading App services for online and offline users. Eric Chung, CEO of wondercise, expects to cooperate with both individual and business clients for future development, to create a healthier lifestyle through the unique incoming services.

Official Finalists of Best of CES 2021 award

Wondercise was nominated as
-Best Digital Health and Fitness Product 
-Best Sports Tech

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