Wondercise to showcase first-ever fitness-themed social media training products at CES 2022

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Integrating a series of new platforms and experiences so users can exercise and stay connected

  • Wondercise Studio – the first-ever fitness-themed social media platform 
  • Wondercise Trilogy – combining TV App, the new Wondercise Tracker, and the new Timeless Band, for a complete online fitness experience
  • Wondercise Cycle Studio – the smarter cycle training system, integrating Flex Cycle bike, Wondercise app, Wondercise Tracker, and the Wondercise Timeless Band

Wondercise, the award-winning fitness technology innovator, will showcase new products at CES 2022.

Never has there been such a comprehensive suite of unified experiences and products available for fitness enthusiasts. Now users can host, challenge, and share their fitness goals with others around the globe through Wondercise, which was recently recognised with the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022 for outstanding products that offer Innovative Value.

Wondercise is now launching a series of new products that will help users track their progress, improve their fitness and most importantly, create a sense of companionship within its global community: Wondercise Studio, Wondercise Trilogy, and Wondercise Cycle Studio, which provide the key social aspects of training.

Wondercise is also launching two enhanced motion tracking products, Wondercise Tracker, and Wondercise Timeless Band.

Wondercise Studio

A social media platform with a fitness focus, Wondercise Studio brings together users from anywhere in the world to host classes, compete with one another, and share experiences.

Users train with others across the world through voice and video chat functions. Anyone can host a class, join live-streamed group sessions, and sync workouts with others. This will bring the at-gym experience into other settings and build affinity with trainers and coaches alike.

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Interacting through Wondercise’s patented Live Motion Matching™ technology, paired with Apple Watch, Garmin, or Wondercise wearables, users can access instant performance metrics and analysis, with real-time scores and leaderboards. Wondercise Studio is displayed via smartphone or cast to a big screen for the optimal training experience.

Wondercise Trilogy

Wondercise Trilogy combines Wondercise Studio TV App, the new Wondercise Tracker, and the new Wondercise Timeless Band, for the most complete workout experience.

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Users train and compete in up to 4-player battle modes. Connecting all three products allows users to obtain the most accurate performance analysis and feedback, crucial for full-body and floor training techniques. Scores and live statistics are displayed on screen so users can compare with others and track progress much like a video game. Wondercise Trilogy drives users to boost performance, encourages motivational support, and adds a healthy dose of competitive spirit to workouts.

Wondercise Cycle Studio

The final product to be showcased at CES is Wondercise Cycle Studio, the smart cycle training system. Wondercise Cycle Studio comprises Flex Cycle, the world’s first 4-in-1 exercise bike, with up to 4 training modes, 2 different seat configurations, and an adjustable bike frame. Wondercise Timeless Band, which monitors heart and health conditions based on training intensity and resistance. Wondercise Tracker, which is applied on the Flex Cycle bike to detect and track rider’s training capacity. And Wondercise Studio, providing live-streamed content and coaching with riders around the world, bringing the comradery, enjoyment, and thrill of a spin class into homes.

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Wondercise Cycle Studio also provides users access to essential metrics such as heart rate, elapsed time, distance, RPM, watt, and calories burned, to help users stay on top of their workout. Linking multiple Wondercise products into one wellness package, Wondercise Cycle Studio brings the atmosphere of at-gym cycle classes straight to the living room.

Eric Chuang, Wondercise CEO, states: “With increased time spent training at home, our mission remains to revolutionize the way people get fit and healthy. These new products epitomize our ambitions to grow as a company, offering unique, advanced, and sociable experiences that
make exercise easier, stress-free, and enjoyable.

“We understand people desire the flexibility to work out when and where they like, with highly accurate performance tracking technologies, which they can do with their friends and family. All of our new products, in particular the Wondercise Studio social media platform, allows customers the opportunities to do that on-demand.”

Live Demonstration at CES 2022

Wondercise Studio, Wondercise Trilogy, and Wondercise Cycle Studio will be showcased at CES 2022 between January 5-8 through a series of live demonstrations. Details of the Wondercise Tracker and Wondercise Timeless Band will also be announced at the show.

International Awards And Recognition

Wondercise is a globally recognized and award-winning creator of fitness technologies. It has recently been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022 for outstanding products that offer Innovative Value, as well as an honoree of the CES 2022 Innovation Awards. This is on top of being awarded the iF Design Award and Red Dot Award: Best of the Best in 2021. Praised throughout tech media, having drawn worldwide attention at CES 2021, it’s been covered in a series of coveted publications, including Engadget, Tom’s Guide, T3, and Women’s Health.

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About Wondercise

Wondercise is a smart fitness technology brand that aims to improve personal sports performance by providing a complete fitness experience for all. Established in 2015 by Wonder Core, an award-winning brand that has sold more than ten million products worldwide, Wondercise is built upon years of international insights into health and fitness.

Wondercise’s international fitness team is comprised of world-class athletes, including four-time MMA champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, fitness influencer Adam Frater, and experts across a huge range of disciplines – from Band Training to Hip Hop Dance, Kettlebell Crush, Tai Chi, and more; creating diversified training of all levels, from beginners to enthusiasts.

The company’s smart fitness products include the Wondercise app and the world’s first training Live Motion Matching system to support Apple Watch, Garmin wearables, and Wondercise wearables. The Wondercise app encourages consumers to integrate exercise into their daily lives, change their habits, and pursue a healthier lifestyle with tailored training. Wondercise Studio elevates the social aspect of exercise, encouraging consumers to connect with friends and family, as well build new relationships, to make training at home fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Customers can download the Wondercise app now for free, or upgrade to ad-free services for $9.99 USD a month to enjoy unlimited content.

For more information, visit: https://www.wondercise.com/EN