Don’t want to go to the gym? Put on the Wondercise Tracker Band to take fitness courses at home, and see your workout performance at a glance!

Working out has become more and more common, but with the influence of coronavirus, do you still think that it is safe to go to the gym? Get the perfect body figure with the help of this fitness app that shows you the results.

You get your scores and rankings in online games; you also see your scores on online singing platforms. Do you know that exercising can also be scored?

Wondercise is an app that motivates you to exercise no matter at home or outdoor, but if that is it, how dare I introduce it to everyone! In addition to the abundant training courses, this app focuses on detecting the user’s movements, comparing the real-time movements during the training process, and giving the final training score. The fitness coach can’t tell you the numbers, but it can!

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It is also very easy to understand how it can be used. As long as you wear the Wondercise Tracker Band during the training, the system will automatically analyze and compare your training data with the AI trainer, and show your training scores immediately. It’s just like experiencing an exclusive training class in the gym. To put it simple, it allows you to check whether your actions are correct while training, and to really improve the efficiency of your workout. When you master the score, you master the training.

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Wondercise has the basics of general fitness wearables, and provides you with a portable device for step counting, running and heart rate measurement. But what’s even more powerful is that it is also equipped with the latest nine-axis sensor technology that allows you to track your workout movements and postures during training when you use it with the exclusive training courses. You can accurately detect and analyze your training results throughout the training course.

It is worth mentioning that Wondercise is not a simple and boring training course. It brings together the world’s most popular fitness courses at once, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), aerobic boxing, bodyweight training, muscle training and hip-hop dance. You can get started quickly in any type of training, and experience in just 7 minutes.

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If you are afraid of going to the gym because of the epidemic, Wondercise is a very good alternative. Moreover, I strongly recommend it to friends who are lazy at the thought of going out, or who often stay home all day playing online games. As long as you can use your fragmented time at home, you can flex your muscles and turn into a muscular guy or a curvy lady.

Curious about how high you can score? Try Wondercise!

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