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If you want to look young, you should pay attention to your body figure!

“Running” is known as the essence of aerobic exercise. It is the most basic and important exercise ability of human beings. The benefits of running are far more than just what you can see with your eyes. Its capability to prevent diseases even exceed medicine!

Those who often persist in running can think faster and also avoid early brain atrophy. Those who run 20 kilometers a week are averagely 8 years younger than sedentary people of the same age, and have younger muscles and bones.

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Persistence in running can not only enhance the vitality of skin cells but also delay the body’s aging. How can this simple exercise make people stick to it and fall in love with it?

Yasmine is an all-around athlete and a professional running coach with more than 10 years of experience in sports. She always believes that achieving fitness goals requires the right attitude and perseverance! And running is the best sport to prove perseverance.

This time, Yasmine will break your stereotype of running and introduce you to a set of interesting and efficient running fitness courses!

Exercise Actions Demonstration

1. Rotation with one lifted knee

Cone drills for legs can activate the hip muscles and burn body fat to train cardiovascular function and enhance body function.

Yasmine 05 Cone Drills 01
  1. Stand up straight and exert force from the core.
  2. Keep a distance of 2-5cm from the cones.
  3. Flex and raise the left foot until the thigh is parallel to the ground, and leap through the cones.
  4. The right foot should follow the speed of the left foot and lead the body to move.
  5. Alternate legs and perform 5 repetitions with each leg.

2. High Knee Forward Run

High Knee Forward Run can effectively train the leg muscle strength. It improves the strength of the hip joints, knee joints, ankle joints and other lower limb joints, which is very helpful for shredding fat and improving body flexibility and coordination.

Yasmine 05 Cone Drills 02
  1. Stand up straight and suck in your stomach.
  2. Raise your right knee to waist height; keep your knees and toes forward.
  3. Swing the left arm forward and the right arm backward.
  4. Land the forefoot of the left leg onto the ground and exert force.
  5. Quickly alternate legs and repeat the movements 5 times with each leg.

3. Shuffle Steps

Doing Shuffle Steps can effectively exercise leg muscles, improve muscle endurance, loosen stiff muscles, and enhance body flexibility.

Yasmine 05 Cone Drills 03
  1. Slightly arch the upper body and naturally place your hands in front of your chest.
  2. Exert force from the core and bend the knees at 30 degrees.
  3. Step aside to the left, and then move the other foot closer.
  4. Perform a set of 5 movements in both directions: from left to the right, and from right to the left.

4. Skaters

If you want to look young, you’ll have to pay attention to your body figure! Doing Skaters can effectively strengthen the gluteal muscles and biceps femoris. If you want firm hips and slim legs, hurry up and start training!

Yasmine 05 Cone Drills 04
  1. Stand up straight naturally and exert force from the core.
  2. Slightly bend the knees, step the left leg aside, and then cross the right leg to the left back of the left leg.
  3. Swing the arms back and forth with the movement of the legs in a running posture.
  4. Alternate the legs and repeat the movements 10 times as a set.

Suggestions for this training

Slow down and make sure the movements are accurate. Feel the muscles of the legs and buttocks exerting force while exercising!

Working out is not just for a good body figure; it also strengthens the overall body balance and physical fitness. Wondercise “Run Fitness”👉gives your body the power to control speed and flexibility.

Coach Introduction

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Wondercise Top Trainer- Yasmine

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