Only 7 minutes a day! Train your abs, ditch your belly fat and get those six pack muscles!


Still worrying about your big belly!? Use 7 minutes a day to get rid of your belly with a set of ab training! Having six pack muscles is no longer a dream!!

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Many people dream of having six pack muscles. With the current fitness trend becoming more and more popular, many people know that doing ab tuck instead of sit-ups can not only reduce the burden on the end of the spine, but also make it easier to work lower ab muscles. However, simple ab tuck is really boring after many repetitions. Exercise without variety easily gets people bored. Moving on, Wondercise will teach you a set of ab training. By doing 7 minutes of a combination of ab tuck and plank a day, even if you don’t get six packs, you will be able to firm and increase the strength of the abdomen and waist, and get rid of your big belly.

Exercise Actions Demonstration

1. Rope Climbers

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Lie on the floor, keep your feet together and lift them 15 cm off the ground. Lift your shoulders off the ground, and keep your lower back on the ground. Imagine you are climbing a rope. Climb 20 times with both hands.

2. Flutter Kicks

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Put your hands on both sides of your buttocks, or below your buttocks. Lift your shoulders off the ground, keep your lower back on the ground, slightly lift your legs, and kick your legs 20 times.

3. Pike Toe Touches

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Lift your feet above your body, straighten your knees as much as possible, lift your shoulders off the ground, keep your lower back on the floor, and perform ab tuck 10 times by reaching your hands up to touch the toes.

4. Elbow Plank

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Place your elbows on the ground, don’t sink your chest. Point your toes on the ground, and use your core force to hold your body up for 30 seconds.

Repeat the above for 3-4 sets every day!!! You can feel the tightness of the abdomen immediately after doing the exercise, especially when the training reaches the last part, the burning of the abdominal muscles will feel more intense. Perform dynamic changes with ab tuck, feel the different muscle groups engaged in each movement, and see your abs showing up little by little!!!

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