Adjust Before Use

Adjust your Pro Max for different training modes to boost efficiency and prevent injuries.

Training Modes

Adjustable Features

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Body Angle

  • Adjust the angle based on workout intensity.
  • Pull out the lock pin and insert it into the corresponding hole to adjust the angle.
  • Ensure the lock pin is secured to avoid loosening during training.
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Body Length

  • Adjust the length according to different training modes.
  • Turn the knob counter-clockwise to loosen and adjust the body length as needed.
  • After hearing a 'click', turn the knob clockwise to tighten and secure.
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  • Lock the saddle in place based on different training modes.
  • Press '▶︎' to release the lock, allowing the saddle to move freely along the body track.
  • Slide the saddle to the top of the body and press '▪️' to lock it.
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  • Adjust the direction based on different training modes.
  • Lightly push the handlebars away from the body then rotate inward or outward, and then pull in towards the body to secure them.
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Folded (for storage)

  • Fold your Pro Max after training for storage.
  • The correct folding position has the body angle flat, the body length at its shortest, the saddle locked, the handlebars folded inward, and the machine standing upright.