Roman Chair Mode Adjustment

Adjustment from Folding State

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Step 1

Unfold front leg and secure

Pull out the lock pin and unfold front leg. Insert the lock pin through any hole to secure the front foot tube.

  • Ensure the lock pin securely passes through both side holes to avoid loosening during training
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Step 2

Open the Handlebars

Push the handlebars forward lightly, then rotate outward, and pull towards the body to secure.

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Step 3

Adjust the Body Length

Adjust the body length based on touching the ground with toes, pelvis on the saddle, and legs straight as the standard.

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Step 4

Start Roman Chair Mode Training

Train with professional courses to effectively enhance training results.

  • Courses need to be viewed through the Wondercise APP. If the APP has not been downloaded, you will be guided to complete the download first

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