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Live Motion Matching

With our patented algorithms, we created a system that analyzes and maps your movements as you train. Use a compatible wearable, including an Apple Watch or Garmin fitness tracker, and Wondercise identifies how closely your movements match those of the on-screen trainer, with our courses ranging from MMA to Tai Chi, Yoga, and more.

▴ Gyroscope

▴ Accelerometer

Wondercise Detects

By using state of the art inertial measurement to detect motion, Wondercise shares detailed workout data with your Android or iOS smartphone using a battery efficient, wireless technology.

Wondercise Compares

Posture, pace and minute movements are all evaluated against those of an on-screen trainer and a live score is generated and displayed. The better your technique, the higher your score – it’s simple, but also incredibly smart.
* The more similar your movements are to the trainer, the higher your score will be.
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Wondercise Guides

Multiple trackers improve Motion Matching accuracy, resulting in meaningful feedback. This is vital for technique-critical workouts such as strength training.

Wondercise Recommends

By analyzing several health indicators (such as HRD, HRV and sleep), Wondercise will suggest different workouts based on your strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences. Our aim is to push you to the max, without jeopardizing your health or performance.
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