Want to exercise during the coronavirus pandemic? Wondercise brings the gym into your home, safe and sound!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused serious chaos and misery all over the world. The best way to protect ourselves and others is to avoid public places, and always wear a mask. However, do you want to wear a mask when you exercise? Do you want to go to the gym with a mask?

It is common to see everyone wearing a mask in public spaces nowadays. To prevent diseases, and to protect ourselves and others, we should create the habit of wearing a mask.

Although wearing a mask during shopping or watching a movie is easy, going to the gym to exercise with a mask on is a hassle. A gym with confined spaces and with people entering and leaving is more likely to become a disease spreading place. In this period of time, you should avoid public places with too many people. Exercising at home is your good choice!

Of course there are many ways to exercise at home. Some people will go on YouTube to watch training videos, buy indoor fitness equipment, or try various independent training, but!! Without guidance of a trainer or assistance of fitness equipment, it is easy to get exercise injury. In addition, incorrect workout movement makes it even more difficult to achieve the expected training effect. How do you achieve the training effect of working out with a professional trainer at the comfort of home? Now it’s time for you to meet Wondercise!

Wondercise is an interactive APP that provides hundreds of training videos. It is like Netflix in the fitness industry. The courses are various and constantly updated. After you choose the course, you can follow the professional trainers in the video for one-to-one training!


You think that is it? Wondercise is unique because of its Tracker Band that connects with the app. This Tracker Band may look normal, but it has the world’s only patented Nine-Axis Motion Sensor that tracks, uploads and analyzes your movements in real time for you to see the accuracy of your movements during your training. After training, your results will be immediately shown as scores and charts so that you can quickly understand what to improve!

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Now, even if the virus is raging outside, you can achieve the effect of training in a gym in the comfort of your home. There is no need to expose yourself to the risk of getting infected in a crowded gym. The real-time score analysis and abundant courses will never get you bored!

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and family to a wonderful, healthy and safe exercise lifestyle!

Download the Wondercise APP now to enjoy a free trial!

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