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Online Group Fitness

Workout together, Wondercise forever

With or without supported training devices, you can still take part in the Studio experience. Whether you choose to workout with others or watch and cheer friends on, Studio is an open space for Wondercisers to meet and greet others from around the world.

Create Your Own Studio

Do things your way.
Bring your personality into your very own fitness class and become a star trainer with Wondercise Studio. Your house, your rules!
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Make Your Own Training Playlist

Rich amount of diversed training courses to bring you endless possibilities.
Select from hundreds of on-demand, exclusive training courses and set up training goals for fellow Wondercisers.

Train Together

Invite, encourage, and motivate.
The more, the merrier. Invite friends and family to join your Studio, turn up the volume and get your heads in the game.
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Training Devices

Live Motion Matching brings you live scores.
Connect your supported training devices to get live scores with Live Motion Matching during every workout. Stay accountable for your every move.

Training in Action

Live scores, feedback, live leaderboard.
Get meaningful performance feedback according to your training scores with supported training devices and Live Motion Matching.
Check your ranking on the leaderboard anytime to see how you’re doing.
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Audience in the Gallery

Send your love and support, cheer your buddies on!
Join as an Audience and watch others as they challenge and compete against one another. Give shoutouts and send emojis to show your support!